Becky Dennis Hand created CLAY sculptures and wallhangings by Mississippi Gulf Coast Artist, Becky Dennis.


Journey into the enchanted world of  "Art in Clay by Becky" on the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast 

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The EYE of the turtle.
"Your Vision will become clear only when you look into your heart,who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens." Carl Jung.To See or not to See may depend on the cultivation of a connection between the Heart and Mind. My focus is simply on Quality..
Putting my best foot forward...
Turtle first appeared to me when I was 3 years old and created a "Flying Rainbow Turtle." Many ideas for my imaginative Pieces have come to me while I am in dream sleep. I am able to express my perception of the spiritual qualities of that "Life" in clay.
Egrets on the Gulf Coast
Birds intrigue me because they are able to fly above everything and connect with a sense of freedom that we as human Beings long for. Most of these pieces are inSpired by feathered friends on our beautiful Gulf Coast and in our magical garden.
Roar with Wisdom
Cats fill our hearts with immense JOY and LOVE. My clay cat creations are wonderfully unique and have their own personality. Some are whimsical, while others are a realistic reflection of the many cat Beings that have "chosen" to live here and teach us.
Story of Emergence
In the tradition of New Orleans, Louisiana which is our neighbor to the west, I create diverse masks in clay with a creative twist of imagination and a soft feminine touch. Underneath and behind everything, incl. our "masks", who are we really?
Raku fired Turtle Necklace
These beautiful NECKLACES feature a clay piece as the focal point. They are surrounded by quality semi-precious Gem stones and have a sterling silver toggle clasp. These Sacred Necklaces range from $30 to $150.
Fallen Leaves
Some of my pieces are created pressing actual leaves, ferns and flowers from our lovely garden into the impressionable clay. All pieces simply shine with nature's opulence and creative inSpiration. Recent pieces are artistic and Functional!
RED is the color of our Life Blood.
My Love of the many expressions of Life, real and imaginary, in the form of flowers, insects, spiders, and reptiles is shared in this Gallery with photos from our peaceful, healing Garden, and other gardens. Come by and visit us if you need a nurturing nature break!
Soft Landing
Home is where the Heart lives and my Heart has found beauty here in Gulfport, Mississippi! Perhaps it will lift your heart and mind to SEE the MS Gulf coast. We have moved thru so many challenges and been bounced around a bit, but we LOVE our Home.
Elk on the Coast in northern CA
Many of these images were taken in northern California,Oregon and Colorado. Surely you will see something that will take you to a place of Beauty and Peace. When we truly appreciate Nature, we can SEE beauty everywhere! It is present in our own backyard.
Ashley the Artist!
Classes may be scheduled by contacting my Studio at 228-896-7868. It is my pleasure to Teach and to share my experience.IF you would like to give a class or playshop as a gift, certificates are available. Prices vary. Call well in advance.
Becky Dennis with Lion head sculpture
I am truly Grateful for the freedom to cultivate my artistic capabilities.It would not be possible without the loving support of my wonderful Family & Friends. With their LOVE & acceptance, I am able to explore and navigate my inner and outter world.
Growing in Wisdom...(from series of Protector Pieces)
At times, I use the human body and form as the "clay canvas" to create unique images, scenes and patterns. Various firing methods are utilized including raku, pit-firing, salt sagar firing and stoneware. Be aware that there is artistic nudity displayed here.
Re-Membering who i AM. (Metamorphosis.)
Since I was a child, I have drawn, painted and colored Trees. They seem so very Mystical and Spiritual to me. The roots are grounded, yet they reach upward, outward and beyond. Two of my TREE sculptures have been displayed in the OHR museum.
My Youngest FAN. Baby Juniper.
It is my absolute pleasure to be able to serve my customers and to create one of a kind pieces that they cherish and proudly display in their home or business for many years to come. The pieces also make wonderfully unique Gifts for family or friends.
Three Women of Power
There are no "coincidences" on this Journey thru Life. Each Being is beautifully connected and a part of the BIG PICTURE. We see the connections when we focus on LOVE and unearthing the common ground, dirt, clay, earth that we all share.
Love Experiences (Leaf in Raku)
I created a clay, LOVE wallhanging about 10 years ago and hung it in my kitchen. Recently, I decided to create a series of inspiring and colorful WORDS in clay. There are still messages on the back too. I saw words in the veins of this bearsfoot leaf.
Cosmic Orchid 3
Clay, Cats, Photography, Writing. Gardening and sharing are my thing. So, this gallery has some Images of stuff that I dig that has been altered a bit for your viewing pleasure.


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