The Seer of Wisdom

This hand created clay wallhanging of a mystical OWL was created using the slab as a canvas. It has been hanging in our home for a few years because I felt a bit attached to it. Now I feel willing to release it and sell it. I am currently working on a new OWL sculpture that is a very powerful Piece. Initially, I began sculpting owls because my Mother has always had a fondness for them.In fact, I gifted her the first baby owl piece that I made many years ago. We were able to rescue that Piece from the four feet of flood water from hurricane Katrina. This one has a powerful energy and also went thru Katrina. When hand-painting chemical glazes which I mix and then paint on the clay piece, I do not get "feedback" as a painter does. I have to wait until the fires of the Kiln heat the piece and transform the glazes. After hours of glazing, I always surrender and hope that the colors in the glaze turn out as I see them in my Mind's eye. Sometimes I am fortunate and sometimes I am not. The more I work at it, the more fortunate I become! Contact me if this OWL resonates as beautiful to you.