Rising above pain to see the Beauty.

This Piece that was created after Katrina has a message that seems to also be relevant now. With the Oil crisis, we must once again move thru the pain and challenges and see beauty. Price just reduced at the gallery, so consider adding to your collection and supporting local Artists of the Gulf Coast.Stoneware clay sculpure wallhanging.This is a Powerful and imaginative piece of Art. In July of 2008, a customer questioned WHY this piece was called "Rising above pain to see the Beauty." I told her that I get quiet and allow a message to come through that I write on the back of each clay piece. This one was related to re-covering post Katrina. She then told me an amazing story about a friend's daughter that had lived in Australia for a year and came back with a tatoo under her left breast with this exact message. What are the chances of that happening? I do not know since I am primarily right brain driven and that sounds astronomically mathmatical. Write me if you know the answer! Either way, this piece is awaiting the perfect Home and is in the gallery in New Orleans.