Re-Membering who i AM. (Metamorphosis.)

Stoneware clay sculpure. Sorry folks, this one is so personal that I simply can not release it yet. The symbolism is actually rather profound. I was inspired by lady bugs in my garden and their metamorphosis. There are three women sculpted in the Tree at various stages of development. The first woman has no face. When I was young, I thought I wanted to be an artist but I did not have my face on yet, so to speak. There was no clarity and so I chose to be a nurse healer until the artist was ready to be born. The second woman's face has her eyes closed with a fire above her head. This symbolizes that we must ALL go through the Fires of transformation and look within ourselves for answers. Finally, the woman that you see in the picture has her arms above her head peacefully and is feeling whole and complete. That is the Journey that I have been making to re-member who i am.