Story of Emergence

This is a very Power-Full Clay Piece. The original idea for this Inspired Sculpture came to me in a powerfully lucid dream prior to hurricane Katrina. In the dream, I was swimming peacefully when a giant sea Turtle approached me and nudged me. I felt afraid and he told me in my mind "Do not fear, for we are ONE." The following day when I was in the studio working on a sea turtle sculpture in clay, the realization came to me that I could create a human face emerging out of the turtle shell. This illustrated the concept that "We are One." And so it became an outward expression in the days that followed. Katrina hit soon after the bisque firing and I was not able to complete the piece until nearly a year later. Here is the image of the original piece for you to enjoy. Keep in mind that the actual clay Art Piece has a Life and Energy that a picture simply does NOT possess. Museum award winning raku clay sculpture.The Juror at the Ohr O'Keefe museum of Art purchased number two piece for his own collection. I own the original and am unwilling to sell it. This piece has a powerfully radiant and LOVING Energy. Willing to recreate a similar commissioned piece with a 150 dollar deposit.Please allow 8 weeks for completion. Keep in heart/mind that each piece will be uniquely different. The glaze and firing in the RAKU process can not be controlled as much as stoneware firings.