Raku SUN shine

Sculptural Raku SUN wallhanging. SOLD May 08 in Lafayette, LA. The customer that received this piece has a birthday on May 7th, two days before mine. Notice the star and moon in each eye?Sometimes, I am a bit attached to pieces and that was the case with this one. I do trust it is shining LOVE in a good home now. Willing to accept a commission to re-create a similar piece, however each Piece is uniquely created and original. That price will be negotiated since it depends on several variables including size, firing method, (raku is more risky and therefore more money) and design. Also, the "RED" glaze is a much more expensive chemical glaze. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in your own SUN scupture. Also, please look at this piece under the magnifier and you will see more of the "crackle" detail that is ONLY present in Raku firing method.