Birth of Stars (and many other NAMES on the back of the Piece)

After discovering that I had breast cancer last Oct. my Life turned upside down, inside out, and spun like a tornado out of control for a few months. Since I allow mySelf to FEEL whatever it is that I am feeling, I did go into a place where my creativity was simply not flowing. This STAR Piece represents the reBirth that I began to feel when I started sketching out new designs. Truthfully, it was the first Piece that really reNewed my heArt once more. So, on facebook, my Friends helped me name the Piece and every single name that they came up with is carved into the back of the Piece. It will be available to see in person at Festival International 2012. Not sure IF I will be selling it. These days, I ONLY make what I love and feel a connection with. There is a bit of attachment to this one. I am a soft heart and very sentimental. (among other things that I have been called! lol)