Eye See You

I initially started sculpting EYES in clay in 2005 just before hurricane Katrina. Ironically, I had made two eyes and had them on the table next to my Kiln on the back porch. Katrina hit on a monday and we were scheduled to do an art show in New Orleans (only 60 miles or so to our west) on saturday. So, we had the truck loaded and ready to go. When we woke up saturday morning, one of my cats had pushed ONE EYE off the table and it was shattered on the floor next to the kiln. Even though we live with many cats (six at this time) they seldom break anything. At that moment, I decided NOT to go to the show and we stayed home and began early preparation for the hurricane. Good thing we did, because Katrina really knocked the coast of MS off it's feet. The early prep was worth the loss in sales and I still do single EYE sculptures with melted glass in the center as a Re-Minder to listen to Guidance and Intuition! Hey all of you folks out there.... EYE SEE YOU!