Healing Journey.

| 13 February, 2013 11:09

Sometimes in Life, we may feel lost or disconnected. The truth is, we may FEEL lost, but we are not lost. We are exactly in the place that our destiny has lead us. We are in the place that will allow us to experience ourselves in a way that will either open our heArts more, or close us down. And the choice is up to us. We are the Ones that decide how to respond to the things that happen to us. We are the Ones that are opening, like a flower, into fullness. And like that flower, we will also die.

They say that humans can't imagine their own death. It is something that the EGO simply cannnot allow. But, we all live with bodies and we all leave those bodies behind. In the past few years, I have had so many wild things happen within my body, that I have had to realize that I am MORE than my body. I am a Being of Love that was created to experience the wonders of life, and make peace with everything that happens.

Now, having said, that, let me explain that I was diagnosed with breast cancer a little over a year ago. It was the day after Steve Jobs died! That is how I remember it. In that time, I have danced with death. I have made friends with it, in fact. Well, not "best friends" but certainly, we are more intimate than we were! I have read so many books on healing breast cancer naturally. I know my body very well, and knew that it was not wise or advisable for ME to poison it with chemotherapy or to burn it with radiation. I am NOT judging people that choose that path, but it was NOT for me.

The medical establishment does not understand my choice. My doctors think that I am in "denial" and "fear" about my situation. They seem to believe that I have not given their options enough consideration. Yet, when I talk with them openly about the many LIFESTYLE changes that I have embraced, they seem to tune me out. I don't get that. I believe that most doctors don't really LISTEN anymore. Perhaps, in the days when they made home visits they could still SEE their patients,but now, they are busy, busy, busy, with a broken health care system. Lost, in fact.

I don't give the power of my health or my healing to an outside source. Period. I have never felt that healing comes from outside, but from within. Therefore, I have made many changes which include, a steady diet of forgiveness. If I feel angry or hurt, I work to find a way to release that very quickly. Most of the time, things are not about me. People see things based on their own experiences and perceptions. And guess what? I can't control other people!

Next, I also feed my temple body good healthy food. That includes raw, green, organic smoothies every morning. Most people turn their heads to the side and look at me like I am strange when I tell them that. So, please note, is your head turned to the side now? If so, it's ok. I really do know that it is very hard for folks to imagine that something GREEN tastes so good, but it does. We are what we eat.

I drink alkaline water now. It is from a fancy, expensive machine, but it is very wonderful. I love it. Now, when I smell tap water, I cringe from the smell of chlorine. I believe that the body is primarily water, so it stands to reason that we are what we drink, too. Most folks are chronically dehydrated and when they do ingest liquid, it is often in the form of something sugary and carbonated. Or, worse yet, sweetened with artificial stuff that tricks the brain into thinking that it had something sweet. The brain may be fooled, but the body is not. Over time, poison destroys. I do believe that Stevia, which is from plants is safe.

And I swim now. I have always loved water. That is why we live on the gulf coast in Mississippi. Making a commitment to go to a local natatorium a few days a week has been life changing for me. It may have chlorine, but I bless the water, and hope that all of the other modifications are more than enough. When summer rolls around, we go to Flint Creek and immerse our bodies in Nature.

Flowers make me happy, so I grow them. I share them too. If I go various places, I often bring the folks a small bouquet. It is a sweet surprise. It is important to take time for nature and for beauty. Life IS beautiful, but people are often too busy to slow down and connect with it. That is sad to me. I am so grateful that I make the time to listen to the birds, watch the insects, and smell the flowers nearly every day.

I am pretty certain that I am here for a reason. I like to think that I have cultivated a beautiful life. There has been some ugliness, but, all in all, absolutely wonderful! I can't complain. At this point in time, I can honestly say that I am grateful for it ALL! Even cancer. For, as Susun Weed says, "Breast cancer is a paradox, GrandDaughter, for cancer is life itself: soaring, unstoppable life. Yet cancer seems to threaten life. Just so, your wild, untamed, unpredictable parts are the living core of your life, but seem to threaten the stability of your life. Cancer is an INVITATION to dance with them in wild abandon. A chance to reclaim and nourish passion and a greedy zest for life. An opportunity to nurture and tend to the dark, the hidden, the inner child, the shadow. A reason to bare your breasts, literally and figuratively."

Ironically, I create breast pieces in clay and have made them for many years. It started when a local Woman called me and asked me to create a breast plate for her. Sometimes, life moves us in a direction that may be uncomfortable, but I trust life. I guess that I also trust death. Now when I create these pieces in clay, they have a completely different meaning. I imagine my own breasts being healthy and whole as I sculpt. I did have a biopsy done, and most of the cancer was removed. It is that little bit left behind that freaks out the doctors. In truth, I sometimes get a bit freaked out too. Especially if I listen to them!

Perhaps we are creating our life with our awareness and thoughts?

At first, I did not know if I could handle all of it. And it has truly been quite a healing journey. It has taken me to the center of my BEing. To my heArt. To my soul. And I can honestly say that I could not have gotten this far without Intuition and Inner Guidance. That has also come through people that appeared in my life at just the right moment. I am immensely grateful for my FAMILY and Friends. They rock!

I hope that this blog helps someone. IF it reaches even one person's heart, then, I am grateful.

Healing Journey

Lori Felix | 13/02/2013, 21:39

You Rock, My Loving SiStar.
You will get through this Journey and live a long healthy life full of yummy green drinks and a belly full of raw delicious foods, because you stick with it. i admire that in you.

Healing journey

Cyndi fails | 14/02/2013, 14:22

Hi becky, just to say I do support and admire you. Taking responsibility for our own destiny is no small feat. I have been on many alternative paths also and hear what you are saying. May I ask what the water system is? And are you familiar w/law of attraction via Jerry and esther hicks. Check her out on you tube. Let me know. So much I would like to talk about. My phone is 337-4998363. Anytime..cyndi