If you are interested in purchasing  a particular piece of my "Art in Clay" please contact me under the contact section of this site or CALL me. My phone is 228-896-7868. Due to some very serious health challenges, I see that I may not be producing "art in clay" as prolifically as I have in the past. In fact, I do not know how much longer I will be able to work. Because of this, my supply is limited. IF you have been considering investing in my creative expressions, I would strongly encourage YOU to do so soon. In all honestly, my body is simply not as strong as my spirit, my heArt or my mind. Working in clay has allowed me to express many of my philosophical ideas in a very concrete way, but, these health challenges require me to take better care of mySelf IF I am to survive. When I create something these days, my focus is on the absolute BEST Quality Piece that I can possibly bring forth. A few close Friends that are also artists say that I have mastered the art of working in clay. I only know that I have had a lifelong love affair with this particular medium. It has taught me to be much more patient and gentle with Life. In truth, it has made me a better person.

For the People that have kept me in this sacred business since 1999, I am truly grateful. For those who wish to purchase one of my final pieces, contact me so that I can provide you with more information on it, including whether or not it is available, the message or story on the back,  shipping and handling fees, and the cost of insurance.  I accept most major credit cards, but do accept checks as well. I can ship you the piece after your check has cleared. IF You see something that I have created in the past, and would like me to create a similar piece, I may consider doing that IF you contact me. Obviously no two pieces are exactly alike, but I have been told by loyal customers that my current work is the best that I have made yet.

It is my firm belief that each piece will find the person meant to have it. Although we all need money to live in this world, I do not make my decisions based exclusively on money. I do value my work much more these days than I did when I was younger. Cancer has caused me to change my perceptions on many levels. Having said that, please do not let FEAR of lack or the "price" get in the way of your desire to acquire my work. I assure you that I am willing to work with each person to ensure that they are able to receive the piece that they feel a connection with. It is important to me that YOU are Joyful and completely satisfied. ART is certainly one of the "safest" investments in uncertain times.

 I have also been known to "trade" for work and have worked out payment plans for some of my customers. Rest assured, I do believe that there is more than enough and every human Being has a right to live with Beautiful ART that makes their heart sing. Life is about learning to live an artful life of LOVE, kindness and compassion.