My hand sculpted clay creations are inspired by my daydreams, night visions, synchronistic life experiences and an immense  reverence for ALL of Nature's gifts. My "Art in Clay" explores the intimate dance between forces of reality and fantasy,  light and dark, as well as permanence and impermanence. Each piece is made with awareness, attention to detail, and the cultivation of vivid imagination. To quote Joseph Campbell: "Each of us is a completely unique creature .... if we are ever to give any Gift to the world, it will have to come out of our own experience and fulfillment of our potentialities, not someone else's."  

I believe that  everything is wonderfully interconnected and it is up to us to tie the pieces together to See the big picture. Creating in clay is the method that I choose to utilize in order to bring my perceptions  to Life. Mystical stories and uplifting messages are most easily communicated and expressed through this unlimited  medium.   In my life, it has become important for me to move past superficial appearances and apparent  illusion in order  to explore the deeper meaning of things. Being a ceramic artist has taught me to be more patient with the Creative Process and to bring my full attention to the powerful present moment.

Living through hurricane Katrina, recovering from it  and then experiencing my Father's death in 2007, has helped me to see that there is often hidden beauty in the so called, ugly things. Generally, we want to avoid the unpleasant stuff because it knocks us off our feet and takes our breath away. In order to heal it, we must move through it. My TREE sculptures are an expression of the importance of "groundedness" as well as "transcendence." I have literally been drawing Sacred Trees since I was a very young child. Luckily, I always seemed to have wonderful Teachers that allowed me to create purple trees and rainbow turtles.

 Since I continually experience synchronicities in my life and in connection with other people, there is always a story or inspired mystical message written on the back of my clay art. Interestingly, it is often perfectly suited for the Receiver of the ART. It is my desire that my pieces be as beautiful and thoughtful on the inside or back as they are on the outside. Each one represents the connection that I have worked on cultivating between my head and my heart. Authentic beauty radiates from the inside out and is not based on only externals. After all, we will all certainly leave these bodies behind.

It is my belief that we are  influenced by our life experiences, but mostly by our "response" to them.  We must learn to observe and respond with loving kindness and awareness more and more, rather than blindly reacting to things. Most of us have certainly experienced pain and suffering in life and  I believe that ART can offer an opportunity for HEALING to take place. I have found a great deal of peace by living my life  AS IF it is a work of Art in progress.  Transmuting pain into healing often involves simply remembering to BREATHE and taking the time to connect with our perception of LOVE. 

Since Katrina arrived  on August 29th, 2005, and swallowed up so much beauty,  my work often reflects Life Lessons learned from this transformative event and the many experiences that have followed. Hurricanes Gustav and Ike allowed me to release even more fears that lingered in my heart. I sat quietly on our back porch and observed powerful gusts of wind rip off hundreds of pecans and limbs from our trees. I remembered the Feelings and Fear that Katrina had birthed. Fortunately, our home still stands after having lived through many storms, including Camille and Katrina. It seems that we are given opportunities for healing when we move through life and death challenges. We are certainly re-Minded what is most important and what seems petty.

I have loved the smell and feel of clay most of my life. I will tell you that Clay is not the type of medium where one gets immediate results. It is often a very involved process with many different stages. Part of that involves the Firings in a kiln to transform a soft, earthy substance into something strong and durable. Those of us that choose to express ourselves with clay are not just "clay artists", we are also chemists that mix glazes and electricians that learn to rewire a kiln when needed. It is indeed a lifelong process of discovery and learning. I have had many teachers in my life and also been a teacher to many.When I share/sell my "art in clay" at art festivals, I post a sign that says "Please Touch" and it is amazing to see the comments by people. Some insert the word Don't into the sentence because they are familar with that. It is my feeling that Clay gives inself generously to touch! Pick some up today IF you doubt me! In fact, come by the studio and we will throw some clay around.... 

At this time we are all facing major shifts and changes on the planet and in our lives. If I did not LOVE Water so very much, I might consider leaving the coast behind. I have lived here since 1980 and it feels like home. Maybe I have simply made peace with myself and would find a way to be happy wherever I lived. In truth, I really Love the people that live here. Folks down here are so polite and gracious. It is critical that we ALL find a way to work through our so called differences and work together powerfully for the good of all.

It seems that there is resistence to the changes that are coming.I have come to see that resistence does cause pain. I believe that it is critically important that we  have a respectful dialogue with one another as we move forward. Many old, outdated perceptions are often clung to fervently because they feel safe. In truth, change can be a very good thing. It does not ALLOW us to be stuck. It is an opportunity to learn and grow into Power with others rather than Power OVER them. My friend, Margaret Moore shared this inSight with me several years ago and I believe it wholeheartedly.

After katrina, many of my wonderful and sacred customers found undamaged clay creations that I had made  in the rubble and debris of their flooded, storm damaged homes. As so many sifted through the remnants of their former lives,  they were overwhelmed to find even one piece from their past. My compassionate veterinarian, Dr. Hunt, found a turtle wallhanging in the mud of her Home. A friend had purchased  it as a gift for her prior to the storm. It was a wallhanging with baby sea turtles hatching and emerging from the sand. The wild thing is that it had the message "may you weather the storms of life with LOVE." I had actually created it the year before Katrina. She was overwhelmed with emotion when she read the message on the piece. It resonated in her heart as truth because she had been through so many challenges.  

Although people are still trying to Re- cover on many levels after more than four years, we know that we are  strong and resilent as we rebuild our lives. At this time on the planet, many of us seem to be continually faced with a multitude of challenges, but we are learning to move through  them together. Perhaps the experiences fortify us and allow us to grow into walking and talking works of ART. We certainly can learn to be more compassionate and tender with One another. Each of us has a GIFT that we are good at and it is our responsibility to cultivate those Gifts so we can share them with the world. Often times, other folks can help us discover those abilities and develop them. 

Ironically and interestingly, the day before Katrina, I saw at least six large writing spiders in our backyard. Although so many thousands and thousands of People were left homeless, those simple spiders had rebuilt their web homes within a few days. Our lush coastal garden paradise was transformed into a leafless winter wasteland by 12 hours of 120 plus mile an hour winds. My husband and I stayed in our home with our seven cats as the hurricane hit. We took all the necessary precaustions and then waited. Having so many cats at that time made it impossible to go to a shelter.Anyway, those spiders reminded me to get JOY out of simple pleasures. 

Another amazing thing that I saw afterwards that you would never hear in the news, was that there were dozens of small hummingbirds desperately seeking flowers the day after the storm. Fortunately, I had been able to save many of my flowers by bringing them in my husband's wood shop. When I carried them back out, the little birds were fighting each other to get to the nectar. Perhaps there is sweetness in the midst of chaotic disasters IF we have the strength and courage to look around and SEE. 

In our often very materialistic world, learning to live consciously with LOVE and Gratitude for all that IS continues to be a challenge. What is most important to me is creating a balanced and beautiful LIFE, and to some day die with grace and awareness. In between, I will continue to cultivate living in the present moment, not the past or the future. You can usually find me in the art Studio or spending quality time with my loving family and friends, or taking time to experience a flower's perfection as I garden, or watching baby praying mantis and butterflies come forth from their cocoons, or in the kitchen cooking fresh, healthy meals, or hanging clothes on my line outside, or washing dishes by hand.You see, I live a very simple BUT full life  and I see that it ALL has value.

Perhaps my greatest desire is to learn to live even more purposefully and to continue to find JOY in the smallest and most simple things. My Spiritual partner and husband, Chris, facilitates the manifestion of such a beautiful life. It truly  gives me great pleasure to be in the present moment as it magically unfolds. I attempt to hold that sense of wonder and awe in my consciousness as I work in clay and transfer all of the LOVE that I feel into the piece that I am working on. 

Many months after the storm when I was able to work in the studio again, I found mySelf creating spider webs with written messages on the front and back. It brought peace to my apparently broken world and reminded me that there is absolutely an abounding Divine Presence in the Universe. I am fortunate enough to have cultivated that Connection in many ways. Most of my Life Journey has involved healing of mySelf and others. I often say that I am remembering who I really am beyond this limited time and space. 

As I ponder the deeper connections that exist among people on our planet, I would encourage an exploration of our commonalities rather than a focus on our differences.  It is through an integrated approach to life that we will heal ourSelves and our wonderful planet earth. There  are magical Connections everywhere IF we have the eyes and heart to see them. My "art in clay" is simply a reflection of my current state of consciousness and life experiences.  It is not meant to be judged as good or bad, but experieced as a necessary manifestion of MY Soul's need to express itSelf. I do not like the concept of censoring ARTFUL Expressions.

Please take a moment to relax and  to explore pictures of my work in the many galleries. I have been working at this faithfully for the past 10 years. I was digging in the dirt and discovering CLAY in the earth at a very early age. Although not ALL my work is represented here, it will give you an idea of what I am capable of creating. Custom orders will be given serious consideration. Since this site is continually added to as  life unfolds and new pieces are created, please sign up to be notified of  new work.    The "storyteller shares" section has some inspiring stories. Please Enjoy and SHARE the web site with your friends and family. Thank you for your Support of the ARTS! Re-member, Life IS Art expressing in a myriad of ways. With immense gratitude, Becky